If “Pretty Little Liars” fans had any doubts that Ezra was A, that all disappeared in episode 15, “Love ShAck Baby.” The Rosewood English teacher was on full creep alert, making any thoughts that he was innocent fly out the window.

“Love ShAck Baby” found the liars trying to decipher Alison’s journal, which was full of coded personal stories of the five girls. But the four soon realized that Alison had kept stories that they wanted to keep from one another.

Emily decided to try and put the pieces of the journal together first and discovered that Alison had wrote about their kiss in a story called “Crush.” With her hatred for Alison building, Emily fell asleep and had a dream (was it really a dream?) that her former friend came to see her. “I know I hurt you the most but I want to explain,” Alison tried telling her. But Emily doesn’t care about rekindling the friendship. “You destroyed me,” Emily countered. With the book laid out in front of Emily, Alison tells her one last thing before disappearing: “They took everything.” Unfortunately, Alison doesn’t know the “they” who is after her.

After her vision/meeting with Alison, Emily devises a color-coding plan to get to the bottom of the journal puzzles. Assigning each of her friends a color post-it note, they get to work on figuring out who each story is about -- and they have an audience! Lurking in the halls is Ezra, who is desperate to get his hands on Alison’s journal … especially with some of the important clues deciphered. The creeping teacher manages to overhear one tidbit about an old bed and breakfast that Aria’s family used to stay at -- a bed and breakfast that has since closed and might be the new home of Alison.

The girls decide to visit the bed and breakfast after Emily gets out of work, but Emily gets a note from Alison that causes her to leave early. The note reads: “I want to come home. Meet me at our spot.” And while Emily shows up, Alison never does.

While Emily’s at the kissing rock, Spencer discovers her dad alone in the house with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Alison’s mom claims she’s getting a divorce and was seeking legal advice from Spencer’s dad, but Spencer doesn’t believe her. Fearing that her family is at stake, Spencer warns her to stay away from her dad.

Aria may not have family issues, but she’s struggling to choose between Jake and Ezra. Keeping her friends in the dark about spending time with their English teacher, Aria visits him in his classroom to cancel their plans for the evening. Ezra’s busy working on a “story” when she walks in and quickly closes his laptop. Questioning her about what she’s doing that night, Aria tells him that the four girls are spending time together out of town to help Hanna through her break up with Caleb -- but she doesn’t mention the bed and breakfast. Making plans to meet up the next evening, Ezra goes back to his story … which turns out to be a recording of Alison asking someone for help.

The girls finally meet up and are able to decipher a couple of stories from the journal in the car ride up to the bed and breakfast. “Suzy Clueless,” a story about a cheating parent, turns out to be about Aria. “Human Cheat Sheet” is about Spencer, and “Cradle Robber” ends up being about Hanna’s secret hook up with Mike, Aria’s brother.

While the car ride was a success for putting together the pieces of the journal, a construction blockage on Emily’s GPS stops the girls from getting to the bed and breakfast. But that’s not their only bad luck -- Emily’s car won’t restart.

Hanna calls Travis to tow them back to town and Aria figures out that they are near Ezra’s cabin. Seeking refuge from an oncoming storm at the cabin, Aria lies to her friends and tells them that it belongs to her uncle.

As the girls hide out in the cabin, Ezra pays a visit to Hanna’s house in order to search for the journal. Distracting Ashley by staging a phone call about work, Ezra snoops around Hanna’s room to look for the journal. Not finding it in her purse, Ezra hacks into her computer to search for more clues. Possibly using the computer to figure out the location of the liars, Ezra secretly shows up at the cabin in his A gear.

With Hanna and Emily outside searching for cell service, Ezra locks Aria and Spencer in a room and steals Alison’s journal. The girls figure out that A is in the house and call for help. But by the time Hanna and Emily get back inside, he’s gone.

Getting a lift home from Travis, Aria and Emily get a text from A thanking them about the bed-and-breakfast clue. Realizing that they gave Alison to A, Aria and Emily run off in the hopes of getting to Alison before A can.

Other than the journal drama, episode 15 revealed some more important clues:

-Cece was spotted at a train station in Maryland. She was reportedly hard on cash and made a few big deposits before Detective Wilden’s death. The theory is that she was paid to kill him.

-The death of Toby’s mother’s was an accident, not a murder. Marion allegedly was on the roof and slipped and fell. Radley covered up the truth to protect a patient she was with.

-Ezra hacked into Emily’s GPS and staged the road block.