The drama never ends in Rosewood. Episode 3 of “Pretty Little Liars” aired Tuesday, introducing a whole new set of twists and turns for Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily.

“Surfing the Aftershocks” kicked off with Alison in mourning before her mother’s funeral. And when that day finally arrived, things took an eerie turn. Alison had a black dress laid out on her bed, but when she went downstairs she was wearing a different outfit. The dress belonged to Mrs. DiLaurentis, and while she wanted to wear it to wear it to feel closer to her mom, her dad immediately demanded that she change. Why? Because it was the same dress that Mrs. DiLaurentis wore to Alison’s funeral. Talk about an odd coincidence.

Post-funeral, all the Liars except for Alison head back to school. And while the school promised to keep attention and the media away from them, that doesn’t ease any of their worries. For starters, they have to deal with the potential holes in Alison’s kidnapping story. But no one wanted to approach Mona, Noel or Ezra. Mona, on the other hand, seems absolutely gleeful about interacting with the Liars. Her excuse for approaching them? Sending Ezra a thoughtful “Get Well Soon” card … since he’s back in town.

Torn about what to do, Aria ended up heading to Ezra’s apartment but chickened out when she reached the door. Timing is everything on “Pretty Little Liars,” though, and Ezra opened the door just as his ex began to walk away. In one of the most awkward conversations in “PLL” history, the pair discussed Alison’s kidnapping story and Ezra agreed to go along with the tale. But one thing that Ezra didn’t know? That Aria accidentally killed Shana. And Aria decided to keep that dark secret to herself.

Meanwhile, Emily’s getting annoyed by the stares she’s getting around the school halls – particularly from a new girl named Sydney. But Sydney wasn’t eyeing Emily because she’s curious about Alison and the drama – she wants Emily’s help to move up the swim roster at Rosewood. Emily agreed to help her … and Paige seemed to want to get in on the fun too.

Outside of school, Hanna accompanied Alison to the funeral home. And it’s there that she starts to have an identity crisis. The funeral home director mistakes her for Alison, leading her to have a flashback about the first time Mona approached her after Alison’s disappearance. Mona, who had a makeover thank to Alison’s guidance, did the same thing for Hanna – turning her into the school’s new queen bee. But with Alison back in town, where does that leave Hanna? And does Hanna want to be confused for Alison?

As Hanna deals with her identity crisis, Spencer’s dealing with her whacked out family. After Mrs. DiLaurentis’ body was discovered in their backyard, Spencer’s dad asks her if she’d be okay with moving … because either way they’re “finished with that family.”

But Spencer’s not “finished with that family.” Emily and Hanna discover that Jason had an alibi for that night in New York, leading Spencer to approach Jason with the “I can’t protect you” email. While Jason tells Spencer that it wasn’t him … he does hint that the email could have been directed at her father.

Jason could just be pointing fingers, but things got fishy when Mr. Hastings stopped Alison on the street at night. The teen was lurking around town, wrapping up her usual shady business, when Spencer’s dad approached her about how she was doing. He questioned her about the cops and being out alone, but their conversation took a definite turn towards creepy when he offered to give her a ride home.

Did she accept? “Pretty Little Liars” fans don’t know. But Mr. Hastings returned to his house with a bag of pretzels. When he arrived home, Spencer brought the email to her dad’s attention. And while he tried to brush it off, Melissa came to his rescue.

“Leave him alone,” she told Spencer, taking the email and ripping it up.

Spencer and Melissa spit words back and forth at each other until Melissa finally snaps and tells her dad that they should just tell her. But before Melissa can say anything more about their big secret, Mr. Hastings tells her to be quiet.

“It’s complicated,” Melissa tells Spencer. But that’s not enough to stop the teen from pestering them. Mr. Hastings finally shuts her up when he tells her, “You can’t lie about something you don’t know anything about.”

Episode 3 ended with Emily officially breaking things off with Paige – despite Paige dropping an “I love you” bomb. Aria confessed to Ezra that she accidentally killed Shana, and Ezra offered her support, asking how he could help. Finally, Hanna decided to visit the salon to get a makeover.

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