Can’t get enough of “Pretty Little Liars”? We hear you! Season 5 of the hit ABC Family show is only two episodes deep, but the new web of lies has us desperate for more. Fortunately the TV gods have heard our cries and released three sneak peek videos from the upcoming third episode, “Surfing the Aftershocks.”

Episode 3 will find Alison struggling with the loss of her mother -- not only because she’s dead but also because mom never explained why she buried Ali the night she was hit over the head with a rock. Meanwhile the rest of the Liars will be dealing with their own set of problems -- returning to school and helping Alison with her kidnapping lie. The gang will be forced to split up to make sure the truth about New York never gets out. However that requires confronting Ezra and Mona.

Watch the three sneak peek videos below:

Sneak Peek 1

The first video clip features Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer in the Rosewood principal’s office.

“The four of you have had a very stressful week,” he tells the girls. “I want you to know how legitimately relieved we all are that you’re safe and what it means to have you back in the halls of Rosewood High School.”

The principal promises the girls that the school will protect them from the media. However he warns them that they need to do their part to keep “disruptions to a minimum.”

“You won’t even know that we’re here,” Hanna counters.

Sneak Peek 2

The second clip shows the girls after their meeting with the principal, and they’re on edge more than ever.

“Maybe coming back wasn’t such a good idea,” Emily ponders.

Spencer tells them that the only thing they can do is act normal, but that’s tough considering that they’re now in “one of Ali’s biggest lies ever.” Worried about someone discovering their connection to Shana’s death, they realize that they have to talk to Mona and Ezra about New York. Unfortunately Aria’s not up to the task of contacting her ex.

“Not me,” Aria says firmly. “He’s alive, he’s safe, but we are over. You guys can ask me to do anything else but you can’t ask me to do that.”

Sneak Peek 3

The final clip from episode 3, “Surfing the Aftershocks,” finally puts Spencer and Melissa face-to-face. As Spencer watches the DiLaurentis house from her window, Melissa tells her to be careful.

“We’re not exactly the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s,” Spencer tells her estranged sister.

And Melissa agrees.

“More like the Borgias and Medicis,” she counters.

Melissa’s motives are unclear, but one thing is for sure -- she’s not happy Toby showed up in London looking for her.

Episode 3 of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family on June 24 at 8 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “Surfing the Aftershocks”? Tweet your thoughts to@AmandaTVScoop.