Welcome home, girls. The “Pretty Little Liars” Season 6 premiere concluded with the teens breaking free from Charles/“A’s” dollhouse, but that doesn’t mean they can return to normal lives. Episode 2, titled “Songs of Innocence,” exposed a new struggle for Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario).

Episode 2 begins with the Liars in the hospital. Now that they’re free, they know a little bit about their alleged captor -- Andrew Campbell (Brandon Jones). While they thought “A” was a mysterious man named Charles DiLaurentis, the new theory is Andrew is Charles. The police discovered plans and journals at his house, all adding up to Andrew having an obsession with the girls. But is it true or did “A” set him up?

Whether or not Andrew is truly Charles, Spencer doesn’t want to say the name “Charles” to the police. They’ve gone to the authorities too many times with theories, and she thinks they need to figure it out. Fortunately, Toby (Keegan Allen) manages to capture Andrew in the woods … so it looks like they’ll be getting answers sooner rather than later.

Before leaving the hospital, Emily pays Sarah Harvey (Dre Davis) a visit. She asks Sarah how she ended up in the dollhouse for two years, and the teen explains it all started when she tried to run away. She was in a parking lot near Rosewood when she was struck on the head. “I thought, well now you know what happens to bad little girls,” she tells Emily.

The story haunts Emily, and upon getting home she finds herself opening up her dad’s gun safe. She turns to the shooting range as an outlet -- but mom doesn't approve. When she discovers Emily broke into the safe, she disciplines her daughter and tells her such actions are unacceptable.

Aria, on the other hand, is exhibiting another form of troubling behavior. She asks her mom to speak to the police and lies about seeing Andrew’s face. The detective catches on, but the teen doesn’t back down. She fears Andrew, and the thought of him getting out of jail due to a technicality frightens her even more.

Meanwhile, Spencer wants to hide behind anxiety pills. Due to her past experience with pills, her mom doesn’t allow the doctors to prescribe her any, so Spencer steals some of Aria’s.

But it’s really Hanna who appears the most distraught. She strips everything from her room -- from the wallpaper to the furniture. Her mom is confused at first, but then Hanna explains the room isn’t hers anymore after the dollhouse. She reveals “A” made them play “games” while they were in there. Some of those games included “truth or dare” and “who do you love more -- me or her?” A flashback reveals the girls had to “choose one,” or they all would suffer. An alarm would sound, deafening the one girl playing the game. The girl was forced to pick one of her friends, and when she did, the sound of screams came from the room. Whatever happened in there was traumatizing, but it’s still unclear how “A” tortured them.

Elsewhere, Alison grows closer to a new cop in town named Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey). She seems to be trying to move on from her past, and decides to question her father about the mysterious Charles DiLaurentis. Alison’s father immediately says they don’t have anyone in the family with that name. She relays that information to Spencer, but Spencer knows Alison’s dad is lying.

Episode 2 of “Pretty Little Liars” ends with Emily finding Sarah Harvey outside her house. The teen ran away again, claiming returning home only made things difficult for her mom. Emily’s mother lets Sarah stay the night, and she tells Emily something about Andrew that makes her call the other Liars.