Pretty Little Liars
Toby (Keegan Allen) reveals some shocking details in episode 4 of “Pretty Little Liars.” Freeform

What do you do when you hit your friend’s psycho husband with a car? That’s the question heading into episode 4 of “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7.

Last week’s installment of the Freeform series left off with the Hanna (Ashley Benson) accidentally hitting Elliott (Huw Collins) with Lucas’ (Brendan Robinson) car. That’s where “Pretty Little Liars” picks up this week.

Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Aria (Lucy Hale) can’t agree on whether to get rid of Elliott’s body or bring it to the police. However, it seems like they’ve already made up their mind. They’re digging a hole to bury him — something that Spencer insists is the only way.

Together the group hatches a plan to get Alison (Sasha Pieterse) back into her room at the mental hospital before anyone notices. With Elliott’s body buried, they’ll put his jacket and cell phone on a train towards Delaware. It’ll appear as if Elliott skipped town.

Does their plan have flaws? Probably. Hanna’s certain that they’re going to get caught and sent to jail, but they have to try.

Spencer, Emily and Hanna regroup at Spencer’s place. Emily’s goes to work like usual in order to avoid looking suspicious, leaving Spencer and Hanna alone at the house. Things are tense between the two friends due to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). And the situation doesn’t improve when Caleb shows up. He wants to talk to Spencer about the other night. But with blood and dirt on her — plus Hanna in the room — it’s just not a good time. Caleb doesn’t want to give up on her. Through a crack in the door Caleb reminisces about one of their early dates. He finally confesses to Spencer that he was offered a job in San Francisco when they first started hanging out, but turned down the offer because he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her. Spencer — and Hanna — are crying by the time Caleb finishes talking. She still doesn’t open the door though.

Elsewhere, Aria brings Alison back to the hospital. Alison initially runs off, scared of getting hurt again, but Aria convinces her to return to her room. She straps her back to the bed, facemask and all, so the nurses can see how Elliott mistreated her. It’s there that Aria gets the confidence to ask Alison if she killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray). It turns out that Alison was at the church the night Charlotte was killed; however, she insists that she left before Charlotte was pushed. According to Alison, she followed Charlotte to try to calm her down about Elliott. Charlotte told her to leave, so Alison did. But on the way out she thought she heard someone else in the church.

Aria tells Hanna what Alison told her as they go to torch Lucas’ car. Hanna doesn’t believe Alison, but they don’t have time to argue about it because they realize that the car is missing. It didn’t go far though. Mona (Janel Parrish) pulls up with the windshield fixed.

One problem’s solved, but Spencer’s creating another one. When a good-looking guy named Marco buys her a drink, Spencer make the mistake of having one too many. She hooks up with him in the elevator before finally coming to her senses. But by that point she’s too drunk to drop Elliott’s car at the train station. She’s forced to call Emily to help her — something that Emily’s not happy about. While she doesn’t mind helping Spencer, she can’t believe that her friend couldn’t pull it together on the one night they needed her.

The group reconvenes the next morning for brunch at The Radley. Mona knew about Lucas’ car because she was tracking Elliott. She was suspicious of the doctor, but couldn’t find any proof that he was up to something. With Elliott gone though, they might finally be able to find out who he was working with — they just need to find his burner phone.

Spencer’s certain that Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) is his accomplice. However, Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) just so happens to walk into The Radley. They haven’t seen her in years, but she’s just as frightening as ever. Jenna recognizes Hanna and Aria’s voice and stops at their table. It’s not long before she figures out that the whole gang is there.

Jenna explains that she’s back in town to celebrate Toby’s (Keegan Allen) engagement. However, Toby’s not excited to see her when she shows up outside the police station. Jenna insists that she wants to make amends now that Toby’s starting his own family. But that might not be the truth. She tried that three years ago and it “didn’t go well.”

The episode ends with Aria and Emily going to the mental hospital to see Alison. They don’t get far though. The cops, including Toby, are inside.

Toby meets up with Spencer, Aria and Emily later to reveal that Elliott is a fraud. He’s been impersonating a 72-year-old doctor who died of a stroke 15 years ago — and now he’s missing. They keep quiet to Toby about their secret, but Toby warns them that the truth will come out.

Meanwhile, Mona helps Hanna break into Elliott’s car at the train station to look for a gold bracelet she lost. They find the bracelet … plus a phone. Elliott’s burner phone rings — and Jenna’s on the other end.

“Hi, Archer,” she says. “Can you hear me? It’s Jenna. Jenna Marshall.”