Prince Charles
Prince Charles was interviewed in the second part of "Queen of World." Pictured: Prince Charles attends Consecration Service at Bramham Park on September 22, 2018 in Leeds, England where he presented a new guidon to the Queen's own Yeomanry. Getty Images/Richard Martin-Roberts

Prince Charles recently opened up about his royal responsibilities and said that not everyone understands what duty means.

In “Queen of the World,” the future king also said that only people who brought up the same way as him could understand the sense and importance of duty.

“People don’t always understand the concept of duty. I think a lot of the time you have to be brought up to understand what it actually means. Minding about other people, minding about what happens in this country and the Commonwealth, and that’s the only way. All the masses of people who need to be encouraged and thanked,” he said (via Daily Mail).

In the recent episode of the HBO documentary, Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband was also featured being playfully probed by a group of students during his visit to a school in New Delhi.

Pragya, a 9-year-old student, asked Prince Charles, “When you become King, will you build a fort?”

“I will!” Prince Charles ecstatically responded. He later on clarified that he was merely joking.

“Queen of the World” aired its first part last week. The documentary examines Queen Elizabeth II’s role as Head of the Commonwealth as she prepares to delegate more of her tasks to the younger members of the Royal Family.

Last week’s installment was criticized because viewers thought Meghan Markle was heavily-featured in a documentary that was supposed to revolve around Her Majesty. Last week, the Duchess of Sussex talked about her wedding gown and shared secrets about some of the piece’s intricate details.

In related news, Prince Charles’ real feelings about becoming the future King has been revealed. In the documentary “Charles and Di: In Private In Public,” a source said, “The prince doesn’t say he has a job, he says he has a role. The accumulation of causes and duties and preferences compressed into a timetable.”

And when he was still married to Princess Diana, the mom of two revealed that she had a hard time adjusting to her new royal status and as Prince Charles’ wife.

“I suppose it’s one of the most important things you’re going to have to adjust to really, isn’t it?” she said (via Express).