Prince Charles was reportedly furious with Madonna and Celine Dion over claims that they are royalty.

According to Ancestry, Madonna and Dion are descended from the same French carpenter just like Camilla Parker Bowles. Records spanning more than 300 years from 1621 published on the family and social history website revealed the unlikely link between the three.

Simon Harper, a spokesperson for Ancestry, said that all three women descended from Zacharie Cloutier.

“The fact that Camilla and Madonna are related, however distantly, highlights the truly unpredictable and entertaining nature of family history research,” he said.

But in an explosive letter published in the 2011 compilation “The Prince Charles Letters,” the future King blasted both Madonna and Dion. He said that the information published on the website was so “bally tenuous” and not worth mentioning.

He also said that some people advised him to ignore such a thing, but he couldn’t do so because he’s convinced that it’s all a part of a “drip, drip, drip” process that could threaten the monarchy. Prince Charles called the report a complete nonsense.

Prince Charles also reportedly urged Madonna and Dion to respond to the letter that he wrote. He drafted a letter for them with his own words and wanted them to sign the document as an agreement.

“We’re not royalty and we never will be,” it read.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles also made headlines this week after his Christmas card with Camilla was released by the Clarence House. The royal couple’s photo was taken by Hugo Burnand in the garden of Clarence House last summer.

The snap shows Prince Charles and Camilla sitting on a bench outside of their home. Prince Charles is wearing an all-blue ensemble, while Camilla is wearing a cream dress. The royal couple is looking into each other’s eyes instead of the camera.

Following the release of the photo, royal fans couldn’t help but comment positively on the picture.

“Such a lovely couple that has been through so much to be together,” one of them wrote.

“Lovely to seem them triumph and look so happy. God Bless you both,” another fan tweeted.