Princess Diana reportedly gave up on Prince Charles and their marriage to pursue Dodi Al Fayed.

In the Amazon Prime documentary “Diana: The Woman Inside,” the Princess of Wales’ friend, Simone Simmons, said that Princess Diana and Fayed only knew each other for approximately 15 days when reports about their relationship broke out. However, some people were convinced that they have known each other for two months.

Richard Kay, a royal editor, who also knew Princess Diana, said that there was something special between her and Fayed.

“Something happened because Diana went public with Dodi Al Fayed in that last summer of her life. He was the only man apart from Charles who she allowed herself to be seen in public,” he said.

Simmons also claimed that Princess Diana went public with her relationship with Fayed because she wanted to make Hasnat Khan jealous. The Princess of Wales’ former royal butler, Paul Burrell, previously said that Princess Diana smuggled Khan into the Kensington Palace while Prince Charles wasn’t around.

Royal author Penny Junor also detailed the timeline of events during Princess Diana and Fayed’s holiday.

“Diana had two holidays - she went with the boys at the invitation of Mohamad Al Fayed. They met the Fayed family and they went back to England and joined their father,” she said.

Princess Diana went back and had a second spell in the Mediterranean on the yacht with Fayed.

Meanwhile, Kay also revealed what attracted Princess Diana the most to Fayed.

“Here was a man, sophisticated, worldly, cosmopolitan, who had all the toys, if you like, that she was used to – the private jet, the security, the limousines, and, of course, the endless bank balance. He could take care of her and I think she found that enormously attractive,” he said.

If Princess Diana and Fayed didn’t die in a fatal car crash in Paris in 1997, they might have gotten into a serious relationship with each other. But Kay said that he doesn’t know if that relationship would have lasted.

Princess Diana was previously married to Prince Charles, but their divorce was finalized in 1996.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana
Princess Diana gave up on her marriage to Prince Charles because of Dodi Al Fayed. Pictured: Prince Charles, Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music, 28th February 1982. Getty Images/Fox Photos/Hulton Archives