Prince Charles sparked health concerns after sharing a photo taken during his recent trip.

The Prince of Wales is currently in India for an official trip. On Thursday, the future king sparked concerns over his health when he shared a photo of himself taken upon his arrival.

Prince Charles visited Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, a Sikk house of worship, to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. In the photo, the royal is barefoot, and eagle-eyed royal followers noticed his painful-looking swollen feet. Some are concerned about whether or not the 70-year-old royal may have an affliction, New Idea reported.

According to Metro, however, royal fans should not worry because the heir apparent often suffers from swollen hands and feet during foreign trips, especially in hot climates. As such, this condition is not new to Prince Charles.

The publication pointed out that long flights can often make digits swell up. When Prince Charles visited Australia in 2012, he even made fun of his “sausage fingers.”

Experts suggested that the cause of Prince Charles’ swollen feet and fingers could be anything from water retention to poor circulation. Arthritis is another possible reason.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles hands were still red and the signet on his finger appeared tighter. However, the royal was still all-smiles during his engagements and didn’t show any signs of sickness aside from his swollen fingers and feet.

Royal fans were very impressed with the future king. One described the Prince of Wales as someone “amazing and incredible.” Another expressed his admiration to the royal’s dedication to the monarchy.

“I admire Charles, because he did not sit on his hands waiting to be King, he carved a niche for himself; The Princes Trust and turned The Duchy into a profitable organisation,” one netizen commented on Prince Charles’ photo on Instagram.

In related news, there were also health concerns over Camilla Parker Bowles after the Duchess of Cornwall canceled her attendance in a joint engagement with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Camilla reportedly suffered a chest infection. Good thing her condition improved and she was able to join the Queen and the rest of the members of the royal family on Remembrance Sunday.

Britain's Prince Charles is visiting New Delhi on a day the Indian capital's pollution has reached 'emergency' levels
Britain's Prince Charles is visiting New Delhi on a day the Indian capital's pollution has reached 'emergency' levels AFP / Money SHARMA