Prince Charles is expected to take on the role of king very soon. However, royal fans won’t see a massive turnover or a sudden coronation.

According to Express, royal expert Russell Myers told “Today” that Queen Elizabeth will soon step back from her role, but the process will be very, very subtle.

“We won’t see a sudden coronation, if you will, of King Charles. Certainly, her taking more of a back seat, the patronages are already being passed over. She’s a patron of scores and scores of charities that the younger ones will have to take more responsibility for. It will be a very, very subtle changing goes the guard but we’ve certainly witnessed history in the making in the last couple of weeks,” he said.

And even though the Queen previously said during her coronation that she will be performing her duties until the day she dies, Myers said that Her Majesty deserves to scale back from her royal duties especially considering her age of 93.

“She’s still incredibly active, she was out in London just Tuesday opening up a new HQ for a stamp organization in the UK, having a great laugh. She’s still full of beans however she’s 93 now. I think we will see in the next couple of years, certainly with the most senior royals, Charles stepping up and taking more responsibility,” he said.

But at the end of the day, the monarch still won’t abdicate no matter what. After all, she is very committed to the throne, and she isn’t a fan of what her uncle did when he abdicated for love. With this, Prince Charles would still have to wait a while before he is crowned King, but there are rumors that he might first be named as Regent.

A Regent is someone who is tasked to take on the responsibilities of the monarch if she is incapable of performing her duties or if she is ill but is still alive.