Prince George’s pyjama that he wore to meet U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on Friday at Kensington Palace sold out within minutes after he was pictured in the outfit. The two-year-old prince looked adorable in white gingham pyjamas, slippers with airplanes printed on them and a monogrammed white dressing gown.

George’s dressing gown is by My 1st Years, a website which specializes in personalized gifts for babies and toddlers. His photograph in the outfit sparked a shopping frenzy as parents rushed to purchase the robe, which costs around £27 ($38.89).

George thanked the Obamas for the gifts they had given him, including a wooden rocking horse on his birth and a stuffed toy dog on the birth of his sister Princess Charlotte.

The tot’s parents Kate Middleton and Prince William extended George’s bedtime by 15 minutes. He was allowed to stay up later than his usual bedtime to welcome the Obamas to his home at Kensington Palace. George was seen shaking hands with the president in one photo, and laughing with his parents and the Obamas as he played with the rocking horse in another. His sister was sleeping during the time.

During this visit by the U.S. first family, George got another present — a soft toy replica of the president’s famous Portuguese water dog, Bo.

As the pictures of newly decorated Kensington Palace were seen, fans got a glimpse of never-before-seen pictures of the late Princess Diana with her two sons.

Perched on a side table in between two windows, a series of four photos could be seen, including an iconic portrait of the late princess, taken in the flower garden at Highgrove, with her elder son’s arms around her neck as he laughs happily into the camera.