Prince Harry
Prince Harry blasts parents for allowing their kids to play Fortnite. Pictured: Prince Harry chats with well-wishers as he leaves after making a visit to Joff Youth Centre in Peacehaven in East Sussex, southern England, on Oct. 3, 2018. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Harry does not approve of parents allowing their kids to play "Fornite."

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited some schoolchildren in Brighton. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were game to greet the crowd. In fact, he didn't shy away from giving the pupils of the Queen's Park Primary School high-fives. But the royal did have one thing he disapproved of -- he doesn't think it's beneficial for young students to play the popular online video game, "Fortnite."

"Prince Harry came over and talked to us and Erin asked him about 'Fortnite,'" one child told ITN (as quoted by Express).

The duke reportedly doesn't play the game and even wondered why parents allow their youngsters do play it. "He was like this 'what is wrong with parents,'" another student said.

"And then he asked how old we are and we said that we are eight and he said 'you guys shouldn't really play 'Fortnite,''" one child said.

During the visit, the students were very delighted to meet Prince Harry and Markle. Nine-year-old Adam Adnajjad even had the chance to touch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. "I spoke and touched both and I'm not going to wash my hands!" Adnajjad said. "They said how old are you and when I'm grown up what do I want to do, and what subject I'm best at. It was so cool."

Sonny Jackson also found the royal couple very likeable. "They are really rich, and they are also very nice," he said about Prince Harry and Markle.

In related news, in a few days, Prince Harry and Markle will have their first trip abroad as a married couple. The pair is set to visit Australia, Fiji and Tonga. According to Zoe Forsey, editor of the Mirror, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's upcoming trip to Australia is very similar to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's first trip as a couple.

The Prince and late Princess of Wales also made their first royal trip as a married couple in Oz in 1983. It was also the People's Princess first tour as a member of the royal family.

Markle had been preparing for the said trip. In fact, an entire team is working with her to help her out. The new royal's training was deemed "intense."