In January, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be stepping down from the royal family, but the discussions on how to make that possible started long before that.

One of those discussions involves U.S. financial firm Goldman Sachs. According to The Mirror, Harry, 35, has been in talks with the company about his financial future since November 2019. The publication didn't state exactly how they could work together but public relations expert Mark Borkowski shared that it's bound to be very lucrative.

"They’re going to earn fortunes, whether through speeches or ambassador work – these are £1billion handshakes," he shared.


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While it seems Harry and Meghan are well on their way to making enough money to sustain their lifestyle, they should be selective about which companies they choose to work with.

After making an appearance at a JP Morgan event in Miami on Feb. 6, (their first since revealing their plans for the future), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received a lot of backlash. Critics believed that their attendance at the event was hypocritical due to their stance on climate change.

As previously reported, JP Morgan has reportedly spent hundreds of billions of dollars on "firms that support and carry out fracking and Arctic oil and gas exploration, as well as other fossil fuel endeavors," all things that have contributed to the issue of climate change.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams issued some good advice to the royal couple following the news.

"They need to be careful," he said. "If you preach, you should practice what you preach. When it comes to the rich and famous there is an awful lot of hypocrisy over climate change."

Prince Harry is patron of the Rugby Football League
Prince Harry is patron of the Rugby Football League POOL / Steve Parsons