• Prince Harry could've made Queen Elizabeth cringe
  • Prince Harry criticized for selling Meghan Markle to the highest bidder
  • Prince Harry sold Meghan Markle to Disney CEO Bob Iger

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously made headlines after the former seemingly sold off his wife to Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Last year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the premiere of the “Lion King,” and Prince Harry was spotted chatting with Iger. Even though Archie’s dad’s back was turned towards the camera, lip readers were able to make out what he was trying to say.

Prince Harry told Iger that Markle is available for possible voiceover work, however, she’s not open to voicing the character of Scar. Even though it appeared as though Prince Harry was just joking at that time, “60 Minutes” host Tom Steinfort didn’t seem to think so.

“Surely, there’s a cringe factor though? Particularly the Queen would be watching on thinking, ‘why are members of my family selling themselves off to the highest bidder?’” he said.

Royal expert and talent manager Jonathan Shalit said that he’s sure senior royals are wishing that this didn’t happen, but it did.

“But it has happened and that’s what happens with children whether your family or royal or not. Children often do what their parents don’t want and often parts go, ‘I wish my child hadn’t done that,’” he said.

Despite the recent blunder, the Queen has been nothing but supportive of Prince Harry and Markle. In fact, she gave the royal couple her blessing after they expressed their desire to quit The Firm.

Weeks later, reports swirled that Her Majesty has reached out to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The 93-year-old royal reportedly invited Prince Harry and Markle to attend the Commonwealth Day celebration next month.

One of the reasons why Prince Harry and Markle quit the royal family was because they wanted to be financially independent. Now that they are no longer considered as senior royals, they are allowed to take on different types of jobs.

However, PR expert Mark Borkowski warned the royal couple against taking on tacky jobs like the recent JP Morgan event.