• Prince Harry's petty complaint against a newspaper could backfire
  • Prince Harry's complaint about the use of his photos in Africa was trashed 
  • Prince Harry filed a lawsuit against British newspapers 

Prince Harry is facing backlash after he complained about the use of his photos with animals in South Africa.

The Duke of Sussex logged a complaint against a British newspaper about one of their stories that featured him with animals in Africa. The article claimed that Prince Harry’s Earth Day picture on Instagram of elephants, rhinos, and lions didn’t quite tell the full story. The animals were reportedly tranquilized and tied with ropes.

However, Prince Harry’s complaint was trashed by the press regulator IPSO. They claimed that the photos used by the newspaper did not breach their editorial guidelines.

While speaking on the “Today Show,” royal commentator Camilla Tominey couldn’t believe why Prince Harry even had to file a complaint in the first place. She also said that the results of the investigation could give the Duke of Sussex an even bigger problem in the near future.

At present, he and Meghan Markle have an ongoing case against British newspapers that have allegedly breached their privacy. Tominey said that it is possible for the case to be trashed as well.

“The newspaper is taking great comfort in the fact IPSO has backed them on this occasion. They think it might set a precedent for the other case. That case, of course, involves letters that Meghan sent to her father Thomas. There is an issue of breach of copyright and privacy,” Tominey said.

“Having said that, although the couple is insisting, they are going to take this case all the way and not agree on a settlement out of court, it does have the added complication that Thomas Markle has agreed to testify against his daughter. This complicates matters considerably,” she added.

Tominey revealed that some royal fans are wondering if filing a lawsuit was even necessary. Some of them have also called it kind of a petty complaint about a photograph.

Last week, Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle Sr., said that he’s willing to testify in court against his daughter if this is the only way for them to cross paths again.

Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry is pictured. AFP/Adrian DENNIS