After the Arizona soujourn in an £11,000 Harley-Davidson, Prince Harry was back to his wild ways after he was seen partying with a blonde girl in Las Vegas, reported the Daily Star.
Prince Harry was reportedly seen partying and dancing with a blonde girl in Las Vegas. REUTERS

Prince Harry has certainly offered the British tabloids mounds of fodder on his trip to the United States, but some feel that the latest headlines of the playboy prince warned from fornicating with small town American sweethearts are off the mark.

Harry moved to the town of Gila Bend, Arizona last week for the last stage of a weapons course. The British prince, who made headlines a few weeks back for his flirtatious (and much-debated) kiss with California cocktail waitress Jessica Donaldson, was reportedly warned off from the small Arizona town's staunchly-Christian community.

According to several British Tabloids, Prince Harry was warned to be on his best behavior by Gila Bend's mayor, Ron Henry.

There are probably some fathers here in Gila Bend who would go to extremes to protect their daughters, the papers quote Henry as saying.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we have some very pretty girls here. Some of the dads won't take too kindly to a Prince fornicating the night away and drinking into the small hours.

It is a very quiet town with a lot of good Christian people. This isn't a party town, the mayor reportedly said, adding I would advise the Prince to take in the beautiful sights of the desert.

Mayor Henry has since denied saying such outlandish things.

I am deeply saddened that comments written by the Daily Mail were not only taken out of context but also, total fabrications. In fact, the negative comments were the words of the reporter, who chose to sensationalize and fabricate a story, rather than report the truth, Henry said in a press release

I would never make such outlandish comments, Henry added. We have tremendous respect and adoration for Prince Harry and the Royal Family. We are excited, proud and honored to have him in our community.

Gila Bend's mayor even offered to treat Prince Harry to dinner at the local restaurant Little Italy (where he is known to eat) and host a Beer summit to welcome him into the community.

Gila Bend is used for military training because of its rocky, desert terrain that closely resembles conditions in Afghanistan.

Several British tabloid reports claimed that the town boasts just one bar, one restaurant, and one hotel (themed to look like a space rocket). These reports are simply not true.

Gila Bend boasts five hotels, an assortment of restaurants and bars and is an epicenter for renewable energy, particularly solar.

A representative for the town of Gila Bend laughed hysterically when she heard the tabloid descriptions of her town, but said Tuesday morning that they are no longer commenting on the incident.

Harry, a British Army helicopter pilot, is a tabloid regular. He's been spotted with a number of potential love interests since splitting up with long-term, off-and-on girlfriend Chelsy Davy, a Zimbabwe native. Aside from his alleged soirée with Jessica Donaldson (who had a boyfriend at the time), Harry was photographed diving bare-chested into a fountain in Croatia during the summer and was once upon a time filmed snorting vodka - though one has to take some of these reports with a grain of salt.