Meghan Markle
Two sources confirmed that Prince Harry intended to propose to Meghan Markle in Africa. Pictured: Markle attends P.S. Arts’ The pARTy at NeueHouse Hollywood on May 20, 2016 in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be already engaged.

Prince Harry and Markle’s trip to Africa this month in celebration of her 36th birthday sparked speculation that the proposal was happening soon. And while neither Prince Harry nor the actress has hinted on a possible engagement, the latest royal reports claim that he may have already asked Markle to marry him.

Two sources recently told Us Weekly that Harry had intended to pop the big question during their three-week vacation in Africa, which began Aug. 4. A royal insider added that Harry refused to share details about the proposal with his pals. A friend noted that the royal prince wanted to propose on a date near his mom Princess Diana’s death anniversary “so he can associate August with something joyful.”

In addition, the location is special to him. Prince Harry considers Botswana his “second home” because it is among the places he first visited after his mom died. In fact, he admitted that “this is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world.”

“He was thrilled to bits that he could introduce her to them,” one pal said about Prince Harry and Markle’s trip to Africa.

According to sources, when the pair arrived in Botswana, the birthday celebration immediately began. There were lots of local food and good music, and all the guests partied into the night. The “Horrible Bosses” star was reportedly speechless and touched by her boyfriend and the locals’ effort.

In other news, Prince Harry reportedly gave up his mom’s ring so Prince William could propose to Kate Middleton. A source explained that the two dukes had discussed and agreed on who the ring would go to way before Prince William popped the big question.

“After Diana died, the boys both chose a keepsake from Kensington Palace when they moved to Charles’ rooms in St James’s Palace,” a source told Daily Star (via Express). “William picked his mum’s Cartier watch, and Harry picked her sapphire and diamond engagement ring. But they had an agreement that whoever got engaged first would have Diana’s ring – and of course, that was William and Kate.”

But this does not mean that Prince Harry will not have any keepsakes from his mother to give when it is his time to propose. The insider told Us Weekly that Prince Harry “had diamonds taken from a brooch he inherited from Diana.”

As for whether they are already engaged or not, the source said that the lovers will likely keep the news private for a while. “Harry said he would want to enjoy the news between the two of them before word starts spreading out,” the insider explained. “This has really been the trip of a lifetime.”

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