• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's reportedly wish that this year would be a "time of healing" for their family 
  • Insiders are hopeful that Prince Harry and Prince William will eventually make amends amid their rumored rift
  • A royal astrologer predicted Prince Harry and Markle's 2021 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are hoping that the issues involving their family would be resolved this year, a report says.

A year after the couple announced that they were stepping down as senior royals, a source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told People that they wish that 2021 “can be a time of healing not just for the world, but for their family.” Markle and Prince Harry announced their intention to leave the royal family and become financially independent on Jan. 8 last year and fulfilled their final engagement in March.

Insiders also told the outlet that they believe Prince Harry will reconcile and make amends with his older Prince William in time following the Sussexes' relocation to California.

"Family disagreements tend to lose heat with distance and time," the source said.

Reports have claimed that a rift between two brothers that has existed for a while was aggravated when Markle entered the picture. The Duke of Cambridge allegedly had qualms about how fast his younger brother’s romance with the former “Suits” actress was developing.

Meanwhile, since resigning from their positions and moving to the U.S., Prince Harry and Markle have not been able to visit the royal family because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple said last year that they were planning to divide their time between the U.K. and North America.

Nonetheless, it is believed that Markle and Prince Harry will visit the U.K. this year. Some insiders think that the couple will attend Prince Philip’s 100th birthday in June, while others said that the Duke of Sussex and his brother will work hand-in-hand for the unveiling of their mom Princess Diana’s statue on July 1, or what would have been her 60th birthday.

Despite the couple’s optimism, a royal astrologer named Debbie Frank predicted that Prince Harry’s excitement for his newfound freedom from the influential British clan will start to “wear off” and that there are going to be times when he would “feel disappointed.”

“He is going through a period of drifting this year as the initial excitement of letting go of old restrictions wears off,” Frank said.

As for Markle, she was predicted to “establish a huge role in the world” and “forge partnerships with organizations that give her a powerful platform, yet there are complications that filter through into her relationship with Harry.”

“From May onwards her knack of surprising us all will come to the fore,” the astrologer noted.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend The Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House on March 5, 2020, in London. Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images