Prince Harry
Prince Harry should reach out to Thomas Markle so he and Meghan Markle could patch things up. Pictured: Prince Harry attends an event on November 27, 2018 at Zambia Circus in Lusaka, Zambia. Getty Images/Dawood Salim/AFP

Prince Harry has been urged to act as peacemaker between Meghan Markle and Thomas Markle Sr.

Tina Weave, a journalist for Daily Mail, said that in most family feuds, a third party usually intervenes. And in this case, it should be Prince Harry.

“Harry should have been that peacemaker, but headstrong, unworldly and in thrall to his starry, beautiful wife, he did nothing to calm the brewing storm. Rather than respectfully meeting his father-in-law face to face before the couple’s engagement was announced, he chose a quick chat on the phone,” she wrote.

Prince Harry and his royal advisers also had the opportunity to bring Thomas into the royal tent before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship was made public, but they didn’t do so.

Last weekend, Thomas revealed that after his fake photos made headlines, he received a phone call from Prince Harry berating him. Until today, he has not spoken to the royal couple.

According to Weaver, it is highly unlikely for Markle to reach out to her dad right now because she has a lot of things on her plate. She’s pregnant with her first child, and she’s also involved in the redecorating of Frogmore Cottage.

“She won’t be jumping on a plane to Mexico to make peace with her father in those circumstances, but with Thomas in ailing health, Harry needs to man up and fix what he inadvertently set off in the first place by failing to show Meghan’s father the necessary respect. Only then will Meghan and her father be reunited,” she concluded.

But while the Markles are still not on speaking terms, the 74-year-old former lighting director has something to remember his daughter by. He said that Markle wrote him several cards in the past.

“Daddy… All I want to do is make you proud… And I promise, no matter what, I’ll do it,” Markle wrote in one of the cards.

She also thanked her dad for taking good care of her in another handwritten note, and Markle closed it with the words: “I love you to no end.”

Thomas’ recent interview is the fourth one he has given since his fall out with Markle and Prince Harry.