Prince Philip was rumored to have wanted to be made prince, and this was the storyline shown in the recent season of “The Crown.”

But according to royal historian Hugo Vickers, this isn’t necessarily correct. In his book “The Crown: Truth and Fiction,” Vickers revealed that Prince Philip was not really interested in titles. As such, it is unlikely that he would demand to be given one.

“The main reason to create him a Prince of the United Kingdom was that George VI had forgotten to do so when he created him HRH and Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. Lord Mountbatten wanted it and so did Prince Philip’s aunt, Queen Louise of Sweden, who was disappointed that he had turned it down in 1955,” he said.

Two years later, Lord Mountbatten once again tried his luck in trying to convince Prince Philip to accept the title of Prince. The dad of four’s uncle even went as far as writing a letter to Queen Elizabeth regarding his request.

“Mountbatten wrote to her in 1957: ‘Lilibet has got the new Prime Minister – in consultation with Commonwealth colleagues – to ask for Philip to be made “The Prince” on returner from this tour, & we all hope he’ll agree this time,’” Vickers revealed.

After Prince Philip returned to London after undertaking a long tour of the Commonwealth, he was given the title of Prince to recognize his service to the Commonwealth. The royal historian stressed that portray the Queen’s husband as someone who demanded the status is just wrong.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh also made headlines recently after it was revealed that Prince Charles visited his aging father in Sandringham after it was reported that he took a bit of a wobble while he was there. Prince Philip is already 98 years old, and he has been living away from the Queen because of the latter’s royal duties.

According to the Daily Mirror, Prince Charles will be staying in Sandringham until the end of the week to catch up with Prince Philip.

Prince Philip
Pictured: Prince Philip leaves St George's Chapel after the wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and The Duchess of Sussex at St Georges Chapel on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Gareth Fuller-WPA Pool