Prince William’s resemblance to Princess Diana is uncanny especially when he became a teenager.

In one throwback photo uploaded on Instagram, the Duke of Cambridge is pictured wearing an all-black ensemble while standing beside the Princess of Wales, who is also wearing all-black clothes.

By the looks of it, the mother and son tandem are having a pleasant conversation with each other. But there are two things that stand out from the photo. First, Princess Diana is seemingly touching Prince William’s bum in the snap. Second, Prince William is almost as tall as Princess Diana just months before the latter died.

Since Prince William and Princess Diana’s backs are turned towards the camera, their full faces couldn’t be seen. But the sides of the Royals’ faces show that they are like twins. Prince William looks more like his mom than Prince Charles.

Growing up, Prince William has always been close to his mom. In fact, the two royals reversed their roles when the Duke of Cambridge was much younger. Whenever he would hear Princess Diana cry, Prince William would comfort the late royal.

On one occasion, Prince William pushed tissues under the bathroom door to give to his mom after he heard her crying because of Prince Charles. Prince William used to also tell Princess Diana that everything will be okay, and he will take care of her.

But the duo’s close bond didn’t come without challenges. At the age of 13, Prince William refused to Princess Diana after she gave an explosive interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama. In 1995, Princess Diana said that there were three of them in her marriage to Prince Charles.

In the book “Prince William: Born to Be King: An Intimate Portrait,” royal biographer Penny Junor said that Prince William became upset with Princess Diana’s statement.

Simone Simmons wrote in “Diana: The Last Word,” “He wouldn’t speak to her afterward and when he came home all hell broke loose.”