Prince William
Prince William didn't wear a necktie and even left his button undone during a recent engagement. Pictured: Prince William is reflected in a mirror during a visit to Pall Mall Barbers on February 14, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Kristy Wigglesworth-WPA Pool

Prince William and Prince Harry have both ditched their stuffy style to become more relatable to the public.

During their separate appearances, the royal siblings both opted for open collar shirts instead of wearing their usual necktie. This gave off a more casual vibe compared to their signature formal dress code.

Etiquette expert William Hanson told Daily Mail that the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex may have opted for the more relaxed look to make them seem more approachable. He also said that Queen Elizabeth II probably doesn’t have any qualms about the more casual attire of her grandsons.

“The monarchy has a fine line to thread. On one hand, the public wants them to be regal, but on the other, they want to be able to connect with them and feel they are just glossier versions of ourselves,” he said.

“To arrive in a suit and tie may not ingratiate them to those attending and those observing at home. It’s always important at any event, royal or not, for all guests to look like they are part of the same event,” Hanson added.

The etiquette expert went on to say that Prince William and Prince Harry often attend fewer formal events because of their age. The brothers are usually seen at more active or sports-related events. As such, their more casual look is perfect for these types of engagements.

During formal events and when they are around Her Majesty, Prince William and Prince Harry still make it a point to close their collar and wear a tie. Prince William attended a charity event this week in his gray suit and white shirt. He also visited The Passage while wearing a blue shirt with the top button undone.

Just like his older brother, Prince Harry also ditched his tie when he went to Birkenhead with Meghan Markle and once again during his visit to Bristol with his wife.