In the documentary "Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy," friends that were close to the late Princess Diana spoke about which traits of the People's Princess were passed down to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. 

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, there is a couple of traits, in particular, that stand out in the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex. 

Musician Elton John, who was close with Princess Diana, said while discussing her legacy in the 2017 documentary that he believes Harry exemplifies his mother's ability to "make people feel at ease and make them feel that everything's going to be all right," adding, "I haven't experienced many people in my life who have that ability, but she could walk into a room of people and make them feel as if everything was great."

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Julia Samuel, the founder of the charity Child Bereavement UK, said that she sees Diana's empathy in William.

"She had a very natural gift of empathy. Just by looking at someone she'd have an idea of what they were feeling and actually I see that in the Duke of Cambridge," she said.

Continuing, she added, "He has a depth of understanding through his own experience that connects with other people."

Mark Smith, a volunteer at The Passage, which is a London homeless shelter, also spoke kindly of Prince William. Smith, who has known the Duke since he made his first trip to the shelter with Diana when he was 12, stated that he sees her in William because, like her, he is "not afraid to get his hands dirty."