Prince Harry, Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William may become governor-generals of Australia in the future. Pictured: Princes Harry, William host a reception to officially open the 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference at St James' Palace on October 10, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Tolga Akmen-WPA Pool

Prince William and Prince Harry may fill in the position of Australia’s governor general, says Liberal MP Julian Leeser.

During a recent event at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, Leeser was asked who he may support as governor general but one who is not an Australian citizen. Leeser said that it is very unlikely for a non-Australian to be appointed for the job. But he also said that his support would depend on who that person was.

“I don’t know who it would be. If you’re saying to me, would I support Prince William or Prince Harry becoming governor general? I think we should leave that possibility open. But I think in the main, the likelihood is that we’re only going to have Australians serving in that role, but you’d have to gauge public sympathy,” he said (via The Guardian).

The role of the governor general is to be Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Australia, and the role is appointed by the prime minister. According to the publication, there is no rule that states the role should only be given to an Australia national.

Michael Cooney, the national director of the Australian Republic Movement, questioned Leeser’s statement and said that it is a curious thing to say.

“He wasn’t asked ‘What do you think of William and Harry as a governor general?’ He was asked: ‘Should it be an Australian?’ and he introduced the idea of William and Harry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Leeser is not the only person to speak positively of Prince William and Prince Harry. Victoria Arbiter, a royal commentator, told Express that the royal siblings are also well-loved by Americans due to their mom, Princess Diana.

“Well, initially it was Diana. It was all Diana, they just loved her. They just thought Diana was everything. Now by extension, William and Harry being her sons, they’ve watched William and Harry grow up, they’ve watched them have their own fairytale weddings,” she said.