Princes Charles, William, Harry
Prince Charles recently gushed over his sons regarding their illegal wildlife trade contributions. Pictured: Princes Charles, William, Harry attend a ceremony to mark the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge on April 9, 2017 in Vimy France. Getty Images/Arthur Edwards - Pool

Prince Charles recently gushed over his sons Prince William and Prince Harry via a pre-recorded video.

Lizzie Robinson, a royal producer for ITV, uploaded the future king’s message on how he is especially proud of his eldest child for his role in ending illegal wildlife trade via her Twitter account.

“I can only say here how proud I am of the role my elder son, William, has played as a leader in this area, helping to raise the issue higher up the global agenda, including working with the Chinese Government on the introduction of the ivory ban,” he said.

Prince Charles also talked about his youngest son’s efforts to help Africa.

“And for more than a decade, my younger son, Harry, has been engaging communities across Africa in order to try and help build a sustainable future for people and wildlife,” he said.

On Wednesday, the siblings attended the International Wildlife Trade Conference at St. James’s Palace, where Prince William also launched a global task force, in which financial organizations agreed to not tolerate financial flows stemming from illegal wildlife trade and associated with corruption, according to Town & Country.

“This is a global summit because the urgent challenge of the illegal wildlife trade is one we face as a global community. We cannot afford for the fight to end wildlife crime to be a priority solely for conservationists any more. It is an issue for all of us,” Prince William said.

In related news, Prince Charles didn’t always have a pleasant relationship with his sons. Tom Sykes, a journalist for the Daily Beast, claimed that the royal siblings have a strained relationship with their dad.

“They are very different people and they just don’t get on. It’s as simple as that. They rarely see each other outside of official business,” he said.

The journalist also claimed that Prince Charles is not delighted every time his sons would talk about Princess Diana’s death in an emotional manner.