• Prince William used to cook for Kate Middleton
  • Prince William is good at cooking breakfast 
  • The Duke of Cambridge hilariously cheated on "A Berry Mary Christmas" 

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently appeared in Mary Berry’s Christmas special “A Berry Mary Christmas,” where they talked about the early days of their relationship, and competed in making dessert.

In the video uploaded by Kensington Palace on Instagram, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on different teams. Middleton is being instructed by television cook Berry on how to make a particular type of dessert. Prince William is receiving instruction from one of Berry’s staff.

While the future Queen is mixing the ingredients to her dessert, Berry asked her if Prince William could cook. The Duchess of Cambridge fondly recalled how her husband used to cook all sorts of dishes for her during the early years of their relationship.

Middleton said that it was during this time that Prince William tried to impress her with his cooking skills. And one of his favorite things to cook is Bolognese. The Duchess of Cambridge also revealed that Prince William is good at making breakfast.

Berry then asked her staff how Prince William is doing, and the staff said that he’s doing great. The Duke of Cambridge hilariously stopped his wife and Berry from looking at the dessert that he was making, and he also said that he’s scoring.

While Middleton was hard at work, the staff working with Prince William told him that she’s tempted to help him with the wrapping paper. The future king told the female staff that his wife wasn’t looking so she should definitely help him.

But it didn’t take very long before Berry and Middleton saw what was happening at the other table. The two women called out Prince William for cheating, but they didn’t really take it very seriously.

When Berry crossed over to Prince William’s table to check his creation, the second in line to the throne urged the television cook to go back to Middleton’s table.

Royal fans couldn’t help but adore Prince William and Middleton even more after seeing how playful they were.

“Loved every minute of this video,” Instagram user @ebrudalci.ed said.

“Looks like so much fun and loved finding out more about Catherine and Will from college days!” Instagram user @kimpossible1111 said.

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