Princess Anne was previously accused of not liking people because of her stern looks and serious demeanor.

During one occasion, Princess Royal gave photographers a scary look after they did one thing. During an interview, photographer Jayne Fincher said that Princess Anne fell off her horse, and she and the other photographers took pictures of her.

“We were all click click clicking away giggling our heads off. If looks could kill we would all have been dead instantly, because she was furious at doing it right in front of us,” she said.

And during another incident, Princess Anne gave off the impression that she was sulky, bad-tempered, and bored. In the Channel 4 documentary “The Real Princess Anne,” the narrator said that the reaction against Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s only child from the press was rather instant.

Joy Billington described Princess Anne negatively and said that during one royal engagement, she made other people feel that she didn’t want to be there. When Helen Thomas asked the mom of two what she thought about the Washington Monument, Princess Anne said that she doesn’t give interviews.

Prince Charles was also with Princess Diana during the same royal engagement. And unlike his younger sister, the heir to the throne tried his best to charm the reporters and the crowds. In the book “Royals,” author Kitty Kelley said Princess Anne’s behavior made Prince Charles look good.

But despite all of the criticisms she has received decades ago, there is no denying the fact that Princess Anne has a been a wonderful member of the royal family. Last year, she was named as the hardest-working royal with hundreds of royal engagements.

Even though she is not expected to sit on the throne and become the next Queen, Princess Anne is confirmed to be more hardworking compared to Prince Charles and even Her Majesty. However, Princess Anne has also opted to lead a very normal and private life away from the cameras.

Princess Anne
Pictured: Princess Anne Princess Royal, Admiral of the Royal London Yacht Club is seen during the Royal London Yacht Club Champagne Party at Lendy Cowes Week at the Royal London Yacht Club on August 6, 2018 in Cowes, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson