Princess Charlotte’s similarities with Princess Diana and Prince William were highlighted during her first day of school outing.

On Wednesday, the adorable 4-year-old arrived at Thomas’s Battersea in her navy-blue skirt and sweater. Her hair is tied in a neat ponytail, and she is also holding the hands of her mom, Kate Middleton.

It was also Prince George’s first day of school on that same day, and he was accompanied by Prince William. The third in line to the throne held his father’s hand as they made their way into the school.

But royal fans focused more on the fact that Princess Charlotte looks exactly like her dad when Prince William was younger. Express uploaded a throwback photo of a young Duke of Cambridge whose cheeks are reddish and face is round.

Princess Charlotte looked exactly the same when she stepped out in public this week. And the publication also noted the fact that Princess Charlotte and Prince William’s cupid-shaped lips look exactly alike.

And since Prince William is a carbon copy of his late mother, Princess Diana, it also cannot be denied that Princess Charlotte resembles her grandmother. When the Princess of Wales was still very young, the color of her hair, her nose, and the shape of her face look exactly like Princess Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte also made headlines this week after it was revealed that she is suffering from the second-child syndrome. Even though the 4-year-old is not the eldest child of Prince William and Middleton, she tends to take care of her older brother Prince George more.

Queen Elizabeth II revealed that stark difference between her two great-grandchildren during her meeting with a 10-year-old girl last year. And experts also said that Princess Charlotte has more personality than Prince George because she is chatty, cheeky, and quite naughty.

Prince George, on the other hand, is quite shy and timid. And he is also more serious than his younger sister.