Princess Charlotte won’t be using her royal title at school. She started pre-kindergarten (or reception year) at Thomas’s Battersea on Thursday as Charlotte Cambridge, but a royal expert reveals that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter has some other monikers as well.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl explained that while teachers will call her Charlotte Cambridge, her friends might know her by another nickname. “I suspect her friends will call her what most of her friends called her at Willcocks Nursery School, which is Lottie, and that’s a name that her parents call her,” Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight.

Lottie, a shortened version of Charlotte, isn’t the 4-year-old’s only nickname. The royal, whose full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, has also been dubbed The Warrior Princess.

“The other nickname that she had when she was at Willcocks Nursery, which was up until just before the summer, was The Warrior Princess, and I’m wondering if that might be a nickname that will stick with her,” Nicholl noted.

Royal watchers have noticed that Charlotte appears to be pretty extroverted (especially compared to her big brother Prince George), and it seems it’s not just in front of the press. In addition to being outgoing, she also doesn’t mind getting dirty and going on outdoor adventures.

“Apparently, she earned that nickname because, obviously, she is a princess, but she’s quite a tomboy. She loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer. She was quite known for her feisty personality, so we’ll wait to see whether that nickname sticks.”

Charlotte isn’t the only royal to go by a nickname. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex go by nicknames. Prince Harry’s birth name is Henry Charles Albert David while his wife was born Rachel Meghan Markle. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and William, Duke of Cambridge are known to go by Kate and Will. Even Queen Elizabeth’s friends and family call her a nickname, Lilibet.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George
Princess Charlotte and Prince George are pictured at Thomas's Battersea on Sept. 5, 2019 in London. Aaron Chown - WPA Pool/Getty Images