Fondly referred to as 'England's rose', memories of Princess Di still remains in the minds of her near and dear. On her 50th birthday anniversary, Diana will forever remain in the minds of her fans as a princess, fashionista and philanthropist.

The enigma as to why the legacy of the late princess still continues to fascinate and figure so large in popular imagination still remains unanswered.

It is true that the recent royal wedding of Prince William with his lady love Kate Middleton has unveiled a new chapter in the British royal establishment. But still, the story of Princess Diana strikes a chord even now.

Born on July 1961 in Norfolk, Diana was the third child born to John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer. The Spencer family, regarded as one of Britain's oldest and most important families, was closely associated with the royal family for years together.

After her marriage with Prince Charles in 1981, she gradually became an international figure, partly owing to her increasing association with numerous charities.

Check out some unique never-before-seen pictures of Princess Diana below:

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