Princess Diana
Princess Diana's ex-lover, James Hewitt, has been dating the same woman for months. Pictured: Princess Diana wearing a Jasper Conran suit during a visit to a community centre in Brixton, Oct. 1, 1983. Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive

Princess Diana’s ex-boyfriend, James Hewitt, was spotted on what looked like a date at the Chagstock Festival in Devon.

The former army officer was photographed with a woman who had some sequins on her face. The rumored couple is seen sharing a cup of beer. Hewitt and his alleged girlfriend were last seen in public on the day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19 wedding. At that time, they were buying food at Sainsbury’s Exeter.

Hewitt has been keeping a low profile ever since he suffered from a heart attack last year. In May 2017, his doctors told him that he had a slim chance of survival, but he surprised all of them when he recovered. Hewitt also underwent emergency surgery following the heart attack and stroke, and he also received eight weeks of treatment.

Princess Diana and Hewitt reportedly had an affair for five years. They met when he was 28, and she was 25. Three years later, Princess Diana and Hewitt were photographed at a polo match, where the Princess of Wales presented Hewitt with a trophy.

The ex-couple was forced to end their affair when it became public. Prior to this, Hewitt was sent to Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War, and Princess Diana was left behind with her husband, Prince Charles, and two children, Princes William and Harry.

Hewitt was last seen on “Seven Night” where he talked about his real relationship with Prince Harry. Rumors swirled that he is Prince Harry’s dad because they both have red hair. The two men also have a close relationship with each other, and Prince Harry called Hewitt Uncle James.

Angela Levin, the author of “Harry: Conversations With the Prince,” said, “The soldier-man toddler was fascinated by everything to do with the army, so it’s no surprise he took to Hewitt straight away.”

Hewitt has denied that Prince Harry is his son.