Princess Diana
Princess Diana fell in love with her bodyguard Barry Mannakee years ago. Pictured: Princess Diana wearing a Jasper Conran suit during a visit to a community centre in Brixton, October 1983. Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive

Princess Diana and Barry Mannakee had a relationship years ago, and the Princess of Wales often referred to him as the “greatest love I ever had.”

Royal fans initially thought that Princess Diana’s greatest love was Dodi Al Fayed, who passed away following a fatal car crash in Paris in 1997. In Channel 4’s documentary, “Diana: In Her Own Words,” the mom of two told her voice coach that she was around 24 or 25 when she fell deeply in love for someone who worked in the security department.

“Eventually, he had to go and then three weeks after that he was killed in a motorbike accident. He was the greatest love I’ve ever had and that was a real killer,” Princess Diana said (via The Sun).

At that time, Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom didn’t reveal Mannakee’s identity, but she did say that if he lived, she would have been happy to give everything up and just go off and live with him. Princess Diana added that Mannakee was also on board with her idea to settle down.

Mannakee served as Princess Diana’s bodyguard from 1985 to 1986, while she was still married to Prince Charles. As the Princess of Wales’ bodyguard, Mannakee was responsible for accompanying the princess everywhere she went to ensure that she will be safe.

And when Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles started to go downhill, she confided in Mannakee. He became a shoulder to cry on for the princess.

In the same recording, Princess Diana revealed that Prince Charles had a hot and cold temper when they were together. The Prince of Wales wasn’t very consistent in pursuing her because of his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

“He would ring me up every day and then not contact me for weeks, he wasn’t very consistent in his courtship,” she said.

Princess Diana also talked about her sex life with Prince Charles and said that they had intercourse once every three weeks, but it fizzled out six years into their marriage.