• Prinker is the company behind the world's first temporary digital tattoo printer
  • The company now introduces a new digital tattoo printer called Prinker M
  • Prinker M uses expert-approved inked that can be removed easily

If you are among those who like tattoos but do not want to leave an indelible ink on your skin or undergo the painful experience of having your skin pricked by a needle, Prinker, the company responsible for developing the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device, has a solution for you.

All it takes is one quick swipe for anyone to get inked instantly with the world's smallest and the newest digital tattoo printer called Prinker M.

What is Prinker M?

Prinker M, an honoree of the CES 2022 Innovation awards, is a high-tech temporary digital tattoo printer. It works alongside the Prinker app, which acts as a database for designs and allows those who want their designs to be uploaded on the app.

Lightweight and portable

The Prinker M is designed to fit right into the palm of an adult hand and weighs only 248 grams. Since it is lightweight, it allows the user to apply the digital temporary tattoo on the skin easily without causing strain usually experienced while getting a large piece of the tattoo done on the skin.

Introducing the Ultra Portable Prinker M: Digital Temporary Tattoos with One Stroke official website

The digital tattoo printer features a built-in rechargeable battery for ease of use and portability. Users can bring the Prinker M with them anywhere they go and can even fit it in their pocket.

Additionally, the digital tattoo device connects to the company's proprietary mobile device's Prinker app. This allows users to carry with them the massive database of designs they can access anytime anywhere.

Artistic customization

The Prinker app features the extensive Prinker library with over 11,000 designs, which includes the art made by talented tattoo artists. The device also allows fully customizable and resizeable tattoo designs by enabling users to create or upload their designs directly on the Prinker app.

Ease of use

Prinker M is a straightforward device that does not require users to have technical knowledge. Using the digital tattoo device is simple and the tattoo creation is fast.

Introducing the Ultra Portable Prinker M: Digital Temporary Tattoos with One Stroke official website

Users simply need to choose the design they want to print on their skin then slide the Prinker M across the selected area of the design to get inked. For those with allergies, the company developed water-resistant inks registered and approved by the FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program and the EU Cosmetic Product Notification Portal.

Introducing the Ultra Portable Prinker M: Digital Temporary Tattoos with One Stroke official website

Moreover, the Prinker M is the most practical approach consumers can choose to get temporary tattoos. The device is available for only $199 and comes with a color ink cartridge capable of printing up to 1000 temporary tattoos.

Final verdict

The Prinker M is an innovative product that provides the best option for users who like to have tattoos but at the same time do not want them on their skin permanently. It uses safe and USFDA-approved inks to make sure it doesn't cause skin rashes or allergies.


The Prinker M is also ultra-portable and allows users to design their tattoos, recognizing the user's creativity and artistry. It is economical, fast and easy to use. We believe these features make the Prinker M an innovative device deserving of our Best of CES 2022 award.