Capcom has finally lifted the lid on the new multiplayer “Resident Evil” game, “Project Resistance,” and revealed many details about its gameplay and characters. Here’s what we know about the new and upcoming title.

Project Resistance” is an all-new “Resident Evil” game created by Capcom and the people behind the remasters of “Resident Evil 1” and “Resident Evil Zero,” GameSpot noted. It’s a multiplayer game that pits four players against one opposing player, all of them taking on unique roles.

The game requires four players to each choose one from four unique characters: Samuel Jordan, a jock who deals high melee damage; January Van Sant, a hacker with the ability to disable security cameras and make it difficult for their enemy to defeat them; Valerie Harmon, a healer who can helps her team survive by healing them; and Tyrone Henry, a defensive character with strong kicks.

These four “survivors” have only one goal: to escape before the time runs out. All of them will need to work together and use their unique skills to help each other find the exit in time, while fighting against threats along the way.

Another player will oppose the four and make it hard for them to survive. This player will take the role of Daniel Fabron, the so-called “Mastermind” whose main goal is to prevent all the survivors from escaping. The Mastermind has a variety of things he can use to stop the four from making their way to the exit.

The Mastermind will not face the survivors directly. Instead, he can watch the survivors’ every move using security cameras scattered throughout the facility where the survivors are. The Mastermind can then use cards to make it difficult for the survivors to survive. The cards can be used to place traps in various areas, or to call for various creatures like zombies and zombie dogs to attack the survivors.

The Mastermind can weaponize security cameras and attach guns on them. He can turn light switches off to trick survivors. He can also take direct control of zombies to attack the weakest survivor and lead him or her to his death. Most importantly, the Mastermind can spawn the Tyrant, also known as Mr. X, anywhere on the map and control him to personally decimate the survivors.

Mr. X is virtually indestructible, but he can be slowed using flashbangs and only has a limited time on screen before he disappears. The Mastermind will also need to wait for some time before he can be able to use Mr. X again.

Survivors are in a race against time. The time can either be extended or shortened depending on what happens in-game. Survivors who die will also respawn at the expense of precious time.

Capcom hasn’t announced any release date at the moment. A closed beta is coming next month, however. "Project Resistance" will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Project Resistance
The Mastermind can summon the Tyrant, also known as Mr. X, to stop the survivors from escaping. Capcom