Mah-Jing Wong
Will Mah-Jing Wong be sent home in week four of “Project Runway” Season 15? Lifetime

“Project Runway” Season 15, episode 4 will send another designer packing, and there are rumors that it could either be Brik Allen or Mah-Jing Wong.

According to Gold Derby, Allen was almost eliminated last week when he failed to impress the judges with the look that he created. In “Blacklight or Daylight,” Wong also had a disastrous week that pushed him to the bottom of the pack. The designer accidentally used the wrong black light paint on his dress. The judges criticized the overall appearance of his work, and they also likened it to the sheets that are typically seen at a crime scene.

Both Allen and Wong have never won in the challenges in the hit Lifetime reality TV show. In fact, Allen has been at the bottom for the past three weeks. Other designers who have also received low scores from the designers include Rik Villa and Roberi Parra.

Meanwhile, “Project Runway” Season 15, episode 4 will see the designers creating their own fabric for a stylish swimsuit. However, the contestants don’t have any background in designing swimsuits so the task will be difficult for them.

The pressure that the designers will be facing isn’t a surprise. Prior to the premiere of “Project Runway,” judge Zac Posen told Entertainment Weekly that Season 15 would be a historic season. “Get ready – get ready for great talent, get ready for a wild ride on that sewing machine,” he said.

Judge/host Heidi Klum added that even though “Project Runway” is already on its 15th season, she is not tired of the show because of the different contestants, challenges and guest judges. “And they always bring something great to the table, too,” she said.

“Project Runway” Season 15, episode 4 will air on Lifetime on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 9 p.m. ET.