• A good base must be easy to defend and close to essential resources
  • Buildings with fences are typically great as bases
  • Mind the nearby zombie population when settling into a building

While all four big spawn point towns in “Project Zomboid” are infested with zombies, there are some areas that make for excellent safe havens that are either easy to defend or are relatively quiet without being too far away from loot sources.

Setting up a good base is an essential step to surviving in “Project Zomboid.” Any location can be made into a safe house but not all establishments are viable for one reason or another. New players may have trouble deciding where to set up shop for the first few weeks of the game, and picking a bad starter base can lead to a sour experience overall.

Here’s a list of good starting bases for each of the major towns in “Project Zomboid.”


Right in the heart of Muldraugh’s main suburb are a few houses surrounded by wooden fences. Any of the houses in this area can serve as a good base because of their proximity to restaurants and other houses, but players may need to clear the surrounding zombies first.

Off to the northern edge of town is a large warehouse near some storage containers. This place is filled with useful tools and is relatively isolated. However, like the suburban safe houses, players will need to clear the place of large groups of zombies first.

Project Zomboid - Muldraugh Base Locations
Project Zomboid - Muldraugh Base Locations Project Zomboid


The Rosewood Fire Department is surrounded by a high metal fence on three sides, making it somewhat easy to defend. It also has a large plot of land at the back that’s great for farming and construction.

East of the fire station is a house with high wooden fences, some farm plots and a tool shed that’s great for a quiet base.

Project Zomboid - Rosewood Base Locations
Project Zomboid - Rosewood Base Locations Project Zomboid


West of the town is a bar next to a big junkyard and food market that serves as a great starting base. The junkyard is walled-off by a high metal fence, making it a great place to build a secondary base, while the market can provide players with a source of food.

Settling inside the town is viable but is much riskier.

West Point

The auto shop at the town’s eastern edge can be turned into a decent fortress. It’s far from the large horde in the town’s main boulevard, but it’s close to a few food sources and a gun store, which can be accessed after obtaining a sledgehammer.

Project Zomboid - West Point Base Locations
Project Zomboid - West Point Base Locations Project Zomboid