A new PlayStation 4 software update is being rolled out to Sony’s console today. By the looks of things, this new update, numbered 4.55, only brings minor changes. Unfortunately, the only patch note released by the entertainment company is very vague that players wouldn’t know the impact of this update unless they install it themselves.

Just this Wednesday, update 4.55 for the PS4 console went live. Players may now download and install this software update either through the console’s menu or via web download. It is clocking in at 324.1MB, and it is presumed to be not as feature-packed as the 4.50 update.

While the previous update Sony rolled out came with external HDD support, performance boost on some unpatched titles on the PS4 Pro and so much more, this new update appears to be very minor so it doesn’t bring with it groundbreaking tweaks. Even Sony hardly said anything about it in its patch note save for the fact that it “improves the quality of the system performance,” according to VG24/7.

Many PS4 owners are sharing their insights on Reddit after updating their consoles. Some users are saying that 4.55 actually fixes the problem with WiFI connectivity that the previous update brought to their gaming machine.

One Reddit user claimed that since the 4.50 patch, his PS4’s internet connection got really bad that YouTube videos took a very long time to load and would more often than not end up loading in super low quality. Fortunately, the new update has fixed this problem.

Strangely, other PS4 owners are complaining about serious issues with the update. “Everything is running super slow, including shutting the system down. I had to hard reboot 4 times to even get to the dashboard. Update downloaded until I had about 4MB left to go and then it hung up,” Reddit user easy506 wrote. Other Redditors also voiced out the same problems online.

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A new update is rolling out to PS4 consoles. Reuters/Charles Platiau