Battlefield 4 Siege On Shanghai Multiplayer Screenshot BF4
A screenshot of multiplayer footage from "Battlefield 4." EA DICE

With the release of the Sony (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 last Friday, excited players brought home their brand new PS4 consoles back home to jump right into the game. Whether it be “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “NBA 2K14,” “Assassin’s Creed 4” or even free PlayStation Plus shooters such as “Resogun,” players had a variety of games to choose from on launch day. While most PS4 games went off without a hitch, some game launches such as “Battlefield 4” didn’t pan out quite as smoothly.

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) and its Swedish subsidiary studio, EA DICE, released its latest installment in the “Battlefield” franchise, “Battlefield 4,” alongside the PlayStation 4. For many players, the PS4 version of “BF4” has unfortunately also picked up some of the traits of its sibling versions on other platforms, particularly crashes and game-breaking bugs.

In the case of “BF4,” several bugs plaguing users include frequent crashes, the loss of single player campaign save data, the inability to join a Conquest match and a 64-player server along with other bugs.

BF4 PS4 Save File Corruption
Some "Battlefield 4 (BF4)" players on the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) experienced save file data loss in campaign mode. Imgur/Sonar1

According to EA DICE’s official forum post, which has been addressing “Battlefield 4” issues across all platforms including PC, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), EA DICE is aware of the several crash issues experienced by “BF4” players on the PS4.

Coinciding with EA DICE’s forum post, they appear to be actively working to remedy issues experienced with the PlayStation 4 version of “Battlefield 4” with server upgrades and patches.

BF4 Battlelog Message Battlefield 4
A message posted on EA DICE's "Battlefield 4" Battlelog online platform informing Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) players about a server roll out to alleviate "BF4" problems. EA DICE

Within “Battlefield 4’s” Battlelog online platform, EA DICE informed players that they were rolling out an additional PlayStation 4 server to alleviate certain server-side “BF4” issues. Shortly after, some PS4 players also reported a “Battlefield 4” patch rollout for the PS4 to alleviate some game crash problems experienced by players.

Fan responded to “Battlefield 4” PlayStation 4 problems by flooding the “BF4” Battlelog forums, official Twitter account and Facebook pages with comments demanding that “BF4” problems be fixed as soon as possible.

While most of the problems appear to be tied directly to the PS4 version of “Battlefield 4,” some problems with “BF4” experienced on launch weekend can also be attributed to the high volume of traffic on the PlayStation Network (PSN), which was strained to the breaking point on launch weekend, causing login issues and other connectivity issues across several games on the PSN platform.

Along with some of the larger “Battlefield 4” problems on the PlayStation 4, some minor but annoying bugs have popped up, including the lack of in-game “BF4” audio in video published using the share function of the PS4.

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