The next system software update for the PlayStation 4 gaming console will arrive soon, but prior its release Sony wants players to try out its beta version. Beta testing is set to happen next month, so the company has opened the registration for the program this week.

On Thursday, Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s Andrew Kelly published a blog post announcing the registration for the beta testing program. “It’s nearly time for another major system software update for PS4, and we could use your help beta-testing before it launches,” Kelly wrote.

For interesting players, they are invited to sign up for the program between this Thursday and the official start of beta testing. The start date has yet to be revealed, but Sony made it clear that registration for the program ends when beta testing commences.

Sony has already put up an online registration page for players 18 years old and above. Upon completing the form for the PS4 system software 4.5 beta trial, players should wait for an email from the PlayStation Beta Team. The beta trial has limited slots, so it does not mean that everyone who registered will be joining the program. Only those who have received an official invite from Sony will become a beta tester.

The greatest perk of being a beta tester is for one to have a voice in Sony’s decision-making for its next PS4 software update. The company has already worked on the software, and it is likely to come with new features and bring changes to the PS4 UI. Testers will have access to these and their feedback will be used in improving the overall update.

Official testers will be advised to download the beta version of the system update the day beta trial starts. Should testers feel the urge to back out or end the trial early, Sony said that they are free to roll back to the previous system software version at any time.