• Santa Monica Studios is hiring a concept artist with experience in fantasy design 
  • This could mean that a new game is in the works
  • The job ad may also be for the smoother production of "God Of War: Ragnarok"

A new job listing implies Sony’s Santa Monica Studio is gearing up for an unknown fantasy game and fans have begun speculating what it could be.

Santa Monica Studio, the developer team behind the massively-successful “God Of War” game for the PS4 recently released a job ad for senior concept artist, Comicbook has learned. The team is looking for someone who is experienced with creating characters using modern software and techniques and the rest of the usual responsibilities covered by a concept artist.

However, Santa Monica is looking for someone who is especially experienced with designing “fantasy-based” characters according to the Requirements section of the job post, with an emphasis on a “realistic believable” style for characters, creatures and props.

The job listing implies that the team is looking for new talent to help with the development of “God Of War: Ragnarok” or that they are preparing to develop a new fantasy-based game.

The logo in the teaser trailer for God of War Ragnarok
The logo in the teaser trailer for God of War Ragnarok Sony

“God Of War: Ragnarok” was initially teased during last year’s PS5 showcase, with a short trailer showing a runed logo, the phrase “Ragnarok is coming” and a 2021 release date. Santa Monica Studio has not provided any other information regarding the game ever since.

The 2018 version of “God Of War” was praised for its refreshing story, swapping the series’ anger-fueled vengeance quest with a more humanized tale of a father and son duo without sacrificing any of the brutal gameplay that “God Of War” is known for. The introduction of the Norse pantheon and mythology opens up plenty of new story angles for the developers to explore, with “Ragnarok” being the most in-line with “God Of War’s” theme of mass deicide.

Whether or not Santa Monica is planning on making a new fantasy game is yet to be determined, but “God Of War” fans can be sure that “Ragnarok” is indeed coming sometime this year assuming that complications with pandemic containment protocols do not cause any delays to production. Fans can expect the continuation or the possible end of Kratos’ story in the upcoming sequel, with his son Atreus potentially ushering in the end of the Nordic gods.