• "God Of War: Ragnarok" was announced in September 2020
  • The game is currently in development
  • The game's release could be delayed

Sony earlier said that the release of "God Od War: Ragnarok" is still scheduled for 2021, but a new claim from a reliable industry insider may have hinted at a possible delay.

The latest speculations about the potential delay of that game's launch came from a recent tweet by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier. A follower asked Schreier for some reassurance that the much-awaited title is still due for 2021, but he simply responded with a "lol," seemingly hinting at what he thinks is currently happening with the game.

god of war
'God of War' launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018. Sony

The question popped up because the gaming journalist had posted that the release of some games slated to drop this year would be delayed. One of these titles is "Hogwart's Legacy," which was announced in January and might not come out until 2022.

The tweet about games being delayed was revisited by the insider when "Gotham Knights" devs shared that the game would be released next year. It was on this particular thread that the follower asked Schreier for confirmation on the release of "God Of War: Ragnarok."

In 2020, Sony Santa Monica and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new "God of War" title. It is a follow-up to the 2018 "God of War" reboot. So far, Sony has not yet confirmed if the release of the highly-anticipated game would be delayed. Moreover, it has not shared any new updates on the state of the game since this year started.

A few weeks ago, Santa Monica Studios' creative director Cory Barlog tweeted an update on the game, as well as when he thinks it would be released. "I don’t know who needs to hear this… (certainly not me since I have never heard of it) but… WHEN. IT'S. DONE. (trust that it's what’s best for everyone)," Barlog said.

While the creative director did not specifically mention "God Of War: Ragnarok," it was obvious what he was referring to at the time.

In the absence of an official announcement from either Sony Santa Monica and Sony Interactive Entertainment, fans should temper their expectations on its the title's release.

"God Of War: Ragnarok" is currently in development for Sony PlayStation 4 and PS5.