• Remakes of "Metal Gear" and "Silent Hill" are currently in development, a report says
  • Multiple "Metal Gear" games are reportedly under development
  • The rumored "Silent Hill" game has allegedly changed developers

More reports about a potential next-gen remake for “Metal Gear Solid” and a possible reboot of “Silent Hill” have surfaced thanks to an industry insider.

Hideo Kojima’s “Metal Gear Solid” is reportedly getting remade for the PS5 according to insider and leaker KatharsisT’s post in ResetEra. In a response to a forum question, they claim that Sony is planning to release several “Metal Gear” remakes, so fans can expect at least the first few games of the series to be re-introduced to the era of modern gaming.

KatharsisT also reported that Bluepoint Games will be developing the “Metal Gear” remakes. Bluepoint has a very positive track record of porting and remaking games, having handled the development of the “Demon’s Souls” remake for the PS5 in cooperation with Japan Studio. Bluepoint had also worked on the “Metal Gear Solid HD Collection” for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Metal Gear” is a series of action-adventure games with a heavy theme of political intrigue and espionage. It is one of the most famous of Konami’s IPs, and it is recognized as one of Kojima’s best works.

“Silent Hill” is another title under Konami’s IPs that is reportedly getting a remake soon. The development of a “Silent Hill” remake for PC and next-gen consoles has been floating around the internet since mid-2020, but there is no official word about this claim yet.

However, KatharsisT mentioned that a “Silent Hill” remake is still in development, but the studio handling the game has been changed for undisclosed reasons.

While the statement still doesn’t officially confirm the game’s development, it will further fuel the speculations of fans of the long-running horror franchise. Last February, “Silent Hill” composer Akira Yamaoka teased that he was working on something that fans are “hoping to hear about,” according to Games Radar,

Whether or not Yamaoka was referring to a new “Silent Hill” game or a completely different series is still unknown.

Fans are remaining hopeful that a new entry to the “Silent Hill” series will soon arrive for next-gen consoles as the previous “Silent Hills” project involving Guillermo Del Toro was abruptly canceled.

Norman Reedus in the now-cancelled Silent Hills game
Norman Reedus in the now-cancelled Silent Hills game Konami