• Target and Antonline may have new PS5s up for grabs on Thursday, a report says
  • Amazon is not likely to have new PS5s this week
  • The global chip shortage is directly affecting PS5 production

A few stores are reportedly planning to replenish their stocks of next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles this week, much to the joy of gamers who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the new gaming platforms.

Target is the first store that will reportedly hold more next-gen consoles on Thursday. The news comes after key Target employees shared details with TechRadar’s Matt Swider and YouTuber Jake Randall. Swider and Randall said that there is an 80% chance that this is true.

These odds are supported by the fact that Target has been restocking next-gen consoles every two weeks. March 25 will mark the second week since the store last replenished its inventory. Additionally, Swider said that Target has enough consoles in stock, but the amount isn’t as high as before.

ps5-accessories Complete your next-gen experience. Photo: Sony

Swider added that there is a 90% chance that online retailer Antonline will also be restocking their PS5 inventory, while Amazon is not expected to replenish their stock this week due to a shift in schedule.

Swider’s Twitter account actively tracks PS5 stocks regularly, so people who are looking to follow tomorrow’s blitz are encouraged to pay his profile a visit for live updates.

Even after months since release, there’s still a shortage of PlayStation 5 consoles across the globe. The scalper rush to grab every console has been widely considered to be one of the reasons for this shortage. However, the global shortage of semiconductor chips has been affecting the production of every industry that uses produces computer parts.

The shortage not only affects the production of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles but also the production of mobile phones, graphics cards, televisions and even the automobile industry, Kotaku reported.

The chip shortage has caused manufacturers to produce less, while the spike in demand causes prices to spike. Graphics cards in particular have seen sharp rises in prices, with even relatively old Radeon and NVIDIA models experiencing significant price increases in different parts of the world.

The global chip shortage is expected to last until 2022, which means the production of new PS5s may be slower than usual as manufacturers struggle to find the necessary parts.