• Sony is barely meeting the high demand for PS5
  • A new report claim that the company is preparing to develop the PS5 Slim
  • Sony has not yet said anything about the rumored gaming system

Sony is apparently starting to make its move on a new gaming console that it plans to launch as the PS5 Slim, with recent leaks revealing details about the upcoming system's chipset specs.

PS5 Slim Specs

The latest information about the specs of the PS5 Slim comes from the YouTube channel RedGamingTech via Notebookcheck. According to the leak, Sony already "booked time" with chipmaker TSMC in 2023 regarding its 5nm process node. Usually, a change in node implies that a new system is in development, or in this case, Sony is planning for a new console after the PS5.

The content creator believes that the 5nm process node of TSMC is for the PS5 Slim. However, the insider clarified that more than a leak, the information is just a theory, for now. Sony could launch the PS5 Pro using the said 5nm process node, but the insider believes that the Japanese gaming giant would have to increase its GPU's die size should it decide to release the Pro model.

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PS5 Slim Release Date

If the production of the 5nm process node starts in 2023 and the claim about the PS5 is accurate, then it is safe to presume that the gaming console could launch at around that time too. Many fans believe that it could happen since Sony observed a three-year refresh period when it released the PlayStation 4. However, a lot of factors could affect the release window of the PS5 Slim. Others believe that 2023 could be the year when the PS5 Slim enters mass production and releases in 2024.

PS5 Slim Design

The PS5 Slim will definitely sport a reduced size than the PS5. Several concept creators have already come up with their very own rendition of what the next gaming console from Sony could look like. Jermaine Smit recently teamed up with the Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital to show what they think the console would look like. They came up with a 3D model with a compact shape and a flatter base. The concept is perfect, especially for gamers who want to slot the console neatly into the TV cabinet.