• PS5 is set to arrive on Nov. 12 in some regions
  • Sony’s next-gen console is rumored to feature 664 GB of usable storage
  • A new report claims that the rumored usable storage may have been confirmed by Sony

A few days ago, an image surfaced online showing the alleged PS5 usable storage. Some fans are skeptical since it was unconfirmed and images could be easily doctored, but if the leak was accurate, Sony’s next-gen gaming console only has 664 GB of usable storage. A new report claims that the leaked image aligns with the official PS5 system menu earlier revealed by Sony.

Video Games Chronicle reported that a demonstration made by YouTuber YoungYea revealed that the leaked PS5 UI image making rounds online is verified by the recent official reveal by Sony. One of the images showed that the PS5 has 664 GB of available storage.

Essentially, roughly 20 percent of the 825 GB SSD of the PS5 would be inaccessible to users. The 664 GB usable storage is somehow similar to the 200 GB storage that Microsoft reserves out of the 1 TB SSD of the Xbox Series X. It is worth mentioning that the leaked image seems to show the PS5 development kit.

PS5 Xbox Series X The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are pictured. Photo: Sony; Microsoft

In other words, there is a chance that the final figures for the available or usable storage of the PS5 could be different when it finally releases. When a new generation arrives, it usually equates to increase in the size of games. Fans are anticipating that Sony would increase the usable storage of the PS5. When the PlayStation 4 was released, gamers could enjoy around 400 GB of space from the 500 GB hard drive.

If the leaked images and speculations are accurate about the 664 GB usable PS5 storage, it means users only get an increase of 200 GB on Sony’s next-generation gaming console. The first PS5 game file size details reveal that the gaming console’s flagship title could eat up a substantial amount of its storage. Launch titles like “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Demon Souls” require 50 GB and a minimum of 66 GB of SSD storage.

That means the rumored PS5 usable storage is not enough. Aside from that, the switch to Solid State Drive will make purchasing an upgrade more costly.