Fans and gamers alike continue to wait in excitement for Sony's upcoming gaming console, the PlayStation 5. The highly anticipated gaming system boasts of the best features and components designed to take video gaming to a higher level.

The PS5's rumored specs, however, won't matter if it won't have the right titles to play with. Thankfully, Sony is working on that.

In a quarterly earnings report, Sony's financial chief Hiroki Totoki said first-party titles are key to the company's success in the market. Totoki explained that the game and entertainment technology company's game software sales decreased year-on-year due to the “absence” of major titles such as “Marvel's Spider-Man,” and the “postponement” of “The Last Of Us II.”

Totoki explained that the company's “strength lies in first-party content and [intellectual property (IP)].” That said, the finance chief added that Sony aims to strengthen its first-party content and IP, and is looking to “continue to pursue growth investment opportunities that will enhance our own content IP.” This means the company might look for more developers to acquire, and titles to create.

Now, what titles will Sony bring to the PlayStation 5? Here are a few possibilities:

A title from FromSoftware

Inverse noted that developer FromSoftware, which did great with the acclaimed RPG “Bloodborne,” might already be working with the already-announced “Bloodborne 2.”

A title from Quantum Dream

Quantum Dream, maker of “Heavy Rain,” “Beyond: Two Souls” and “Detroit: Become Human,” might make another big title for Sony. The three aforementioned titles were popular for their mechanics, and it seems logical for Sony to get it to work on new titles again.

A title from Atlus

Atlus, best known for the popular “Persona” series of games in Japan and the U.S., has a “deeply rooted relationship” with both Sony and Nintendo, Inverse noted. While the company might not allow itself to be locked to the PS5 maker, it's very likely that it will produce new games for the tech company.

A new “Fate/Grand Order” game?

Totoki emphasized in the earnings report that the company earned from the major hit game “Fate/ Grand Order.” While the Sony exec didn't exactly say a title will come to the PS5, he said “several titles” are coming. Considering how the series gave Sony a lot of revenue, it's likely that a PS5 title is on its way too.

Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said PlayStation logo. Photo: AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU