A box from Amazon.com
Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Pennsylvania reveal sweatshop-like working condition, REUTERS

Amazon is said to have offered a handsome amount of money to book publishers for joining the online book rental service. The service will see users pay an annual fee for accessing a library of e-books.

The concept, which is same as that of Netflix, which is a very popular name in digital movie rentals, has brought mixed reactions from publishers.

According to a WSJ report, The Seattle-based company said that the digital e-book library would feature older titles and will be accessible to those who pay for $79 a year for Amazon Prime. The company is currently expected to launch its own tablet to rival Apple’s hold on the tablet market.

There are already digital book rental services in the form of booksfree.com and bookswim.com that has done the job for a long time. The difference is that these sites send out the physical books to their customers and not their digital form, the Telegraph reported.