“Quantico” is big on consequences. One of the agents will be in major trouble in Season 1, episode 10, and they’ll have to hope that their superiors are willing to let it go. However, it could result in someone getting fired, according to the synopsis.

“At Quantico, an emergency disciplinary hearing causes deep secrets to be spilled,” ABC's summary teases. The synopsis conveniently leaves out the identity of the agent whose career is at stake. However, it seems that Simon (Tate Ellington) is a likely choice. Viewers know he eventually leaves Quantico, and he had a meeting with a friend who makes bombs at the end of episode 9.

Even if it isn’t Simon, showrunner Josh Safran revealed that audiences will still learn more about the secretive agent in this episode. “This is a tipping point for his character, and you’re gonna learn a lot more about Simon in the next episode,” Safran told Entertainment Weekly. “In fact, I might hasten to add that you will find out everything about Simon in the next episode.”

In the future, the agents will still be looking for the bomber. “Quantico” took a major step forward in the last episode when Liam (Josh Hopkins) finally realized that Alex (Priyanka Chopra) had been framed. He released all of the agents who had been secretly helping her and it looks like they’ll all team up again.

“Alex works covertly with her team to find the real bomber before her time runs out,” the synopsis teases. That kind of describes every episode, but luckily, the trailer gives away the major twist. Alex will once again suspect her friends of framing her.

“We’re still suspects?” Shelby (Johanna Braddy) asks. She is clearly offended, but it looks like Alex might know who the real terrorist is by the end of the episode. With only one episode until the midseason finale, expect episode 10, titled “Quantico,” to be very intense.

Watch the “Quantico” Season 1, episode 10 trailer below:

“Quantico” Season 1, episode 10 airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.