Prince Andrew wanted his daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, to be working royals, but the Queen declined.

The Duke and Duchess of York's children confessed in their interview with British Vogue that it was difficult growing up in the eyes of the public as they tried to build their career. According to Antonia Hoyle of Daily Mail, Prince Andrew wanted to have Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie undertake official royal duties so they will be paid from the public purse, but his request was denied.

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have no income from the Sovereign Grant. To make matters worse, the $638,447 million-a-year, taxpayer-funded, 24-hour police protection was withdrawn in 2011 to lower monarchy costs.

Prince Andrew was reportedly furious. He felt that his girls are being forgotten as Prince William and Prince Harry take the center stage.

Ferguson and Prince Andrew's daughters are not considered working royals. In fact, their names are not listed on the website. This is also the reason they were allowed to maintain their own personal Instagram accounts. The fab four, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are not allowed to do so. They just share the same account on Instagram and Twitter. The Duchess of Sussex also deleted her social media accounts earlier this year.

Princess Eugenie has a full-time job. She works as a director at Hauser & Wirth, a contemporary art gallery in Mayfair, London. She started working there in the summer of 2015 as an associate director. In 2017, the next royal bride was promoted.

According to an insider, Princess Eugenie's promotion was well-deserved. "Eugenie is working hard and doing a good job, the promotion is well deserved," the insider said.

According to Princess Eugenie, in her interview with The Telegraph, many were surprised to know that she has a full-time job. She added that she has always known that she belongs in the art industry.

"I've loved art since I was very little. I knew I definitely wouldn't be a painter, but I knew this was the industry for me."

On the other hand, Princess Beatrice has a net worth of $5 million. She had worked for Selfridges and as a press officer at the Foreign Office but didn't receive a salary.

Most of her income was from the trust fund that the Queen Mother established for her and Princess Eugenie. The sisters also received a huge sum of money following Prince Andrew and Ferguson's divorce.