Queen Elizabeth II reportedly kept Tony Blair’s biggest secrets several years ago.

In the 2004 book “Comparative Politics: A Policy Approach,” author Michael J. Kryzanek revealed that the former prime minister enjoyed a unique relationship with the monarch.

During his interview with BBC, Blair himself revealed that there is nothing he cannot say to Her Majesty. In the documentary “Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work,” Blair said that he has told the Queen a lot of things about himself.

“I’ve told her a lot of things in my time. You know, everything from Cherie being pregnant with Leo through to, you know, major decisions… Because the one thing you know is that she will never divulge anything to anyone,” he said.

Blair added that the Queen is the person, who is probably more than any other person, that he could have a completely and totally discreet conversation with.

In his frank memoirs, Blair mocked some of the traditions he was expected to follow when he visited the royal home Balmoral and said that they were a vivid combination of the intriguing, surreal, and utterly freaky.

“The whole culture of it was totally alien, of course, not that the Royals weren’t very welcoming,” he said.

In related news, Blair did not always get along with the Queen’s eldest son Prince Charles. In fact, the future King criticized the former prime minister for trying to change the monarchy.

Tom Bower, the author of “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion, and Defiance of Prince Charles,” said that Blair was hardly a passionate royalist. One year after meeting Prince Charles for the first time, Blair advocated for a smaller Scandinavian-type-monarchy that will curb the rights of the royal family to engage in public controversy.

Blair’s desire did not sit well with Prince Charles who saw became convinced that Blair wanted to transform the royal family into something more pompous and harder to approach.